Agreement Settled; [Sturgeon Lake] Band To Get Control Of Education; i.e. 1974.

The above-mentioned article cited that the Sturgeon Lake Band in 1974, after two days of negotiation with the Saskatchewan Regional Office of Indian Affairs, received a signed agreement providing for twelve (12) staff residences to be used temporarily as classrooms. The signed agreement also gave the Band full authority to hire teachers and to purchase all necessary equipment and supplies.

It was also cited, the Band demanded that the Department of Indian Affairs begin negotiations immediately with the Prince Albert Unit No: 56 School Board, in order to terminate the 25 year agreements which provided space for reserve children to attend P.A. schools. This agreement was made in 1967 and 1969 without prior consultation with the Band, which the Department of Indian Affairs provided $167,000.00 dollars in capital expenditures at Spruce Home and Wild Rose schools for classroom space for 165 students. Further, the total cost of the agreement to the Federal government was at $1,000,000.00 dollars.