A Critical Examination Of The Ethics In Research Involving Indigenous Peoples; i.e. Thesis written by William John Ermine, 2000.

The above-mentioned thesis document was completed by the author as part of the requirement in gaining a Master of Education Degree. Since both, the author and the University of Saskatchewan co-own the copy right, and require both their permission to extract any content from the above-mentioned thesis document, it is suggested, if someone is interested in seeking the information contained in this thesis document, that they contact William John Ermine at SIFC Northern Campus, P.A. Sask. (phone: 306-765-3255), and/or Dr. Marie Battiste, Indian & Northern Education, Educational Foundations, U of S, Saskatoon, Sask. (phone: 306-966-7590). The title for the above-mentioned thesis document is cited here to give credit to William John Ermine, for his contribution in the advancement of First Nation knowledge in the field of educational studies.